Apple raises price of Beats Flex headphones by $20

Apple raises price of Beats Flex headphones by $20


Beats Flex have many AirPods features for much less.
They're now $69.99, up fro $49.99.
Photo: Apple

Beats Flex wireless headphones are now $20 more expensive after Apple permanently raised their price. The buds went on sale last October priced at $49.99, and that price stuck until this week when it was increased to $69.99.

It’s not clear why Apple has made this move, but it could have something to do with rising supply chain costs across the component industry.

Beats Flex headphones now cost $69.99

Beats Flex aren’t completely wireless like some of their siblings — there is a single wire that keeps the two buds connected — but they are a lot more affordable than most other Beats and AirPods options.

It seems, however, that their original $49.99 price tag was no longer sustainable for Apple. All Beats Flex color options are now priced at $69.99 when purchased directly from Apple and from third-party retailers.

It’s likely that the lower price of Beats Flex headphones (and therefore lower profit margins) means that it’s more difficult for Apple to swallow the cost of price fluctuations in assembly and components.

However, Apple hasn’t confirmed why their price has change, so we cannot be completely sure that supply constraints — which have led to higher component prices — are indeed to blame.

Still on sale

Whatever the case may be, Apple has been able to ensure that Beats Flex headphones remain available to buy. If the price increase hasn’t put you off, you can order yours today in black, flame blue, smoke gray, and yuzu yellow.

Beats Flex offer up to 12 hours of listening in between charges, plus a Fast Fuel feature that gives you 1.5 hours of music playback from 10-minute top-up. They also pack the Apple W1 chip for great connectivity.