Wild ‘iPhone 13 Pro’ concept dazzles with dual displays

Wild ‘iPhone 13 Pro’ concept dazzles with dual displays


iPhone 13 Pro concept
See your notifications on both sides.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

What if “iPhone 13 Pro” had a second screen on its back that allowed you to see incoming notifications even when it’s face-down? There’s no need to imagine it because one concept designer has done that for you.

Check out the two-minute video below that shows off a next-generation Apple handset dream with “rear Retina XDR display,” no ports, and a significantly smaller notch. It’s a beauty, even if it will never come to life.

When it comes to iPhone concepts, most are exciting but outlandish. The latest definitely fits that description. It imagines an iPhone 13 Pro that looks a lot like its predecessor at first glance, but with some huge new features.

Some of those features are inspired by real rumors — and could eventually come to iPhone. Others are unlikely to ever make their way into a real Apple device, despite being available on other smartphones already.

iPhone 13 Pro concept adds a second screen

The big new feature added by ConceptsiPhone on YouTube is a rear-facing Retina XDR display. It sits alongside iPhone’s camera lenses and allows you to see notifications and more when the device is face-down.

We’ve seen secondary displays like this on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Flip — and they’re certainly useful when a phone’s primary display is folded away. They also look cool, but we have to argue they’re less useful on iPhone.

Given that seeing iPhone’s primary screen is as simple as turning it over, and that most of us probably place our devices down on their backs anyway, a second screen seems a little pointless — and likely easy to break.

Nevertheless, it’s a neat idea. And it’s coupled with a tweaked design that’s completely free from ports, a smaller notch above its display, and a “new camera system” that uses the same three-lens layout we’re used to.