Insane concept gives iPhone 11 a crazy 360-degree display


iPhone concept
Is it possible to have too much screen?
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

Do you ever wish that your entire iPhone was just one giant screen? With Apple continuously making displays bigger and bezels tinier, it seems inevitable that the iPhone will boast a display that wraps around the front and back.

The folks at ConceptsiPhone have come out with a wild iPhone 11 concept that envisions what an all-display iPhone would look like. Imagine all the new possibilities created for apps with a 360-degree display. Also, imagine how much Apple would charge to repair it.

This thing looks crazy:

Brilliant concept brings 7-inch display to iPod Touch 7


The iPod Touch might finally get upgraded.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

The iPod Touch might make a comeback in 2019 now thanks to some new renders we’ve got a glimpse of what it might look like.

Apple hasn’t released a new iPod Touch since 2015. Rumors indicate that an update could come out this year. Details are pretty scarce on what the new features could be, so the folks at ConceptsiPhone busted out a brilliant imagining some sleek new additions that would make it truly lust-worthy.

Get ready to drool: