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Monitor air quality with Aqara’s new accessory for HomeKit


Aqara's new air quality monitor works with HomeKit and other smart home systems.
Aqara's new air quality monitor works with HomeKit and other smart home systems.
Photo: Aqara

Smart home accessory maker Aqara’s new gadget for HomeKit lets you monitor air quality in your house. As pollution rises from wildfires and other causes — depending on where you live — you may find it handy to glance at the Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor to know whether you need to do something about the air you breathe.

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Aquara’s starter kits make it easy for HomeKit users to add several accessories at once. Those could include motion sensors, water-quality testers, wall switches and now this air-quality device.

What is TVOC?

The new air-quality monitor has a built-in display. Its three internal sensors measure temperature, humidity and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). TVOC could be in the air from things like smoke, gas leaks, heating or cooling mechanisms, or even toxic stuff “off-gassing” from new furniture.

Knowing your dwelling’s air quality can help you take action. That goes for internal pollution sources and those infiltrating from the outside.

You can see readings from the sensors in the Home app and incorporate the sensors in Automations. In one scenario, for example, an air quality alert could trigger air purifiers or AC ventilation to turn on.

E-ink display

Aqara built a high-contrast, low-energy-consuming E-ink display into the device. The company said it extends battery life to about a year before a charge is needed. That’s well beyond the battery life of many devices with LCD screens.

Necessary gear

The monitor connects with HomeKit via Zigbee 3.0 mesh network data transmission. That means you must have an Aqara hub for the monitor to work. You need the Aqara M1S hub, M2 hub or Camera Hub G2H.

Availability + discount through July 24

You can buy the Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor for $44.99 at Amazon in the U.S. and Canada and through Aqara directly in Europe and Asia. As part of the launch, buyers who act fast can take 15 percent off through July 24 with promo code TVOCPR2224.

Where to buy: Amazon