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Rumor: iPad 2 To Have Thinner Bezel, Flat Back And Visible Speakers



When we talk about the iPad 2, we already know at least some of what to expect when Apple officially unveils their newest tablet in April: FaceTime support, an iPhone 4 like gyroscope and maybe a higher-resolution (but not Retina) display. Those are all pretty much lock-ins.

When it comes to iOS devices, though, Apple has a tendency to rejigger the device’s physical design in the second gen — consider the aesthetic difference between the iPhone and the iPhone 3G, for example — so what does Ive and Co. plan to tweak in the iPad 2’s casing? A Japanese blog citing anonymous Chinese sources claims to have the answer, if we’re willing to believe them.

According to Mac Otakara, the iPad 2 will still boast the same 9.7-inch display, but reduce the bezel by about 3mm… a subtle slimming, but for guys like me who hate bezels, an important one. Additionally, the back will apparently be flat, allowing it to rest without wobbling on a flat surface.

Also in the cards, according to Mac Otakara? A “wide-range speaker” covered with a “metal-mesh” that blasts out more room-filling sound. This seems less likely given Apple’s aversion to visible speakers in their devices, but it’s possible, especially if Cupertino wants to make the iPad more relevant for music as, say, a portable jukebox or DJing rig. We’ll see.