Aukey slim wall charger offers dual USB-A ports for easier iPhone power


Aukey 24W Dual Port Wall Charger review
The two USB-A ports in Anker’s power adapter add up to 24W.
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Aukey makes a USB-A dual-port charger that’s surprisingly small but puts out 24 watts. It takes advantage of Gallium Nitride for its svelte design.

I used the accessory with my iPhone XS Max for some real-world testing. Here’s how it stood up.

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Aukey 24W Dual Port Wall Charger review

Aukey recently launched a very portable charger for people who still prefer USB-A. This has two ports, each of which can provide 12 watts of power. That’s a definite improvement over any Apple charger.

And the accessory is slim thanks to GaN. Rather than using silicon semiconductors, Aukey employed gallium nitride ones that are much more efficient.

The shape is oddly wide so that this charger can’t share a wall socket with anything else. Still, its plugs fold down to make this item fit easily in a purse of bag. It comes only in basic white.


In my tests, the Aukey 24W Dual Port Wall Charger was able to give my iPhone XS Max a 23 percent charge in 20 minutes.

Compare that to the 9 percent charge the 5W Apple charger provided in the same time. That’s 12W working for your instead of 5W.

Many iPad models come with a 12W USB-A charger. So, for comparison, I connected my iPhone XS Max to one of these for 20 minutes, resulting in a 25 percent charge, just a smidge more than Aukey’s power adapter.

Aukey 24W Dual Port Wall Charger review

Aukey’s 24W Dual Port Wall Charger (product number PA-U50) offers a substantial increase in iPhone charging speed. And the extra port is a definite bonus.

It costs $24.99. For comparison, Apple’s 5W version is $19.99. The advantages of the Aukey version easily justify the additional cost.

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