HomePod 14.2.1 software update fixes bugs


HomePod Software Version 14.2.1 is out.
HomePod owners can install an update to Software Version 14.2.1.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Both sizes of Apple’s smart speaker got an update to HomePod Software Version 14.2.1 on Monday. The new system software promises just general improvements. It’s not yet known if that includes squashing a reported bug in Wi-Fi connectivity for the HomePod mini.

The official release notes for HomePod Software Version 14.2.1 say only, “This update includes general performance and stability improvements.”

That indicates it’s a “bug fix” update to version 14.2, which added support for Apple’s new Intercom feature, which lets HomePod users send short audio messages to family members, roommates, etc. The previous update also let the smart speaker connect to Apple TV 4K.

The release of 14.2.1 might fix a problem plaguing some HomePod mini users that prevents their device from connecting to the internet.

How to install HomePod Software Version 14.2.1

Apple’s smart speakers will automatically update themselves. But users can do it manually if they prefer.

To perform a manual HomePod software update, open the Home app then tap on the Home icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Choose Home Settings from the resulting pop-up window. Then choose Software Update. Apple’s support website has more details.

HomePod Software Version 14.2.1 is available for the full-size version of this device, and the new HomePod mini.