Some M1 Mac mini owners suffer Bluetooth connectivity problems


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This doesn't sound good.
Photo: Apple

Life hasn’t been as sweet as it should be for some M1 Mac mini owners. A number of users are being plagued by Bluetooth connectivity issues, which can cause wireless peripherals to frequently disconnect.

The number of complaints is growing online, and it seems the only real fix is to use a third-party Bluetooth adapter.

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Apple’s new lineup of M1 machines has amazed users and reviewers with its surprising performance and battery life improvements. All three easily outperform their predecessors — and other Intel machines.

For a small number of Mac mini adopters, however, the experience isn’t as stellar as it should be.

M1 Mac mini plagued by Bluetooth issues

“Returned my first M1 Mac mini due to Bluetooth connectivity issues,” wrote one user on Reddit. “A replacement unit has the very same issue — across multiple Bluetooth devices and vendors.”

“Can confirm I’m also getting quite a bit of weirdness in the Bluetooth connection,” added another.

The problem seems to affect all Bluetooth devices, including AirPods. And users are experiencing it with both third-party peripherals from the likes of Logitech, as well as Apple’s own Magic accessories.

“It’s not just keyboards and mice,” said one user. “I have the same issue with my Mac mini M1 but I’m also having issues with Apple AirPods … I’m getting random disconnects as well as weird issues with volume.”

The only real fix

M1 Mac mini owner Patrick Tomasso details his Bluetooth problems in the YouTube video below. He’s found it impossible to use a Bluetooth mouse with his desktop because the connection is so unreliable.

It’s not yet clear whether this problem is a simple bug in macOS Big Sur, or whether faulty hardware is to blame. Apple is yet to publicly acknowledge a problem — or provide a solution.

It seems the only fix for now, then, is to use a third-party Bluetooth adapter that’s compatible with a Mac.

Via: 9to5Mac