Comfy Bucardo Sport bands for Apple Watch now even more affordable

Comfy Bucardo Sport bands for Apple Watch are perfect for any workout


Bucardo Sport band for Apple Watch
Probably the comfiest band you'll ever wear.
Photo: Bucardo

The brilliant Bucardo Sport band for Apple Watch is now more affordable than ever after a permanent discount. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, it’s built for anything and ultra-comfortable at all times. Get yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Apple Watch bands for workouts

If you can’t wear your Apple Watch while working out because your current band is just too uncomfortable, you’re missing out on some of the device’s best features. Get yourself a band that’s always comfortable, no matter what you do or how long you wear it.

The Bucardo Sport band was built to be exactly that — comfortable during workouts. It also comes in a range of colors.

As our very own Ed Hardy wrote in his Bucardo Sport band review:

The designers combined a watch band with a sweatband, so the Bucardo Sport is wider than most Apple Watch accessories. Because the weight of the Watch is spread out more evenly, it’s more comfortable while exercising.

That didn’t come about by accident. Bucardo designed this band with input from both physical therapists and athletes.

One of the reasons I found the Bucardo Sport so pleasant to wear is the buckle, which allows the band to be adjusted to fit my wrist exactly. Down to the millimeter.

Get your Bucardo Sport band for $39

Bucardo Sport band for Apple Watch

The Bucardo Sport’s unique design helps alleviate nerve compression. It’s completely seamless, so it won’t dig into your skin, and it’s incredibly strong. Its simple buckle makes adjustments easy, too.

You can get your Bucardo Sport in small/medium or large/extra large sizes, and they’re compatible with all Apple Watch models. Check out all of the wonderful color options available in the Cult of Mac Store, and order yours today for just $39.

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Note: We originally published this post on April 29, 2021.