Sleek Zagg Pro Keys adds detachable keyboard to iPad Air 4 and iPad 8


Zagg Pro Keys
Zagg Pro Keys has a design that puts it head-to-head with the Apple Smart keyboard.
Photo: Zagg

Zagg Pro Keys is a keyboard case for those who want to use their iPad as both a slender tablet and a laptop. There are versions for the new iPad Air 4 and iPad 8.

In addition, the Zagg Pro Stylus debuted on Thursday. It sports two tips, making it a competitor for the Apple Pencil as well as basic capacitive styli.

Plus, Zagg unveiled the Messenger Folio 2 as a lower-cost keyboard case for the iPad 8, iPad 7 and last year’s iPad Air 3.

Zagg Pro Keys converts an iPad into detachable 2-in-1 tablet/laptop

Add a keyboard and an iPad can be both a tablet and a laptop. Zagg Pro Keys fosters both, as it’s a protective case with a removable backlit keyboard.

As a case, it wraps around every side of the most recent iPad or iPad Air, providing 6.6 feet of drop protection. And there’s a slot for an Apple Pencil. The keyboard is a separate piece, attaching with magnets. It’s also a stand offering two viewing angles.

Zagg Pro Keys for the seventh- and eighth-generation iPad 10.2-inch Apple iPad is available now for $99.99. A version for the 10.9-in. iPad Air 4 will launch in November for $109.99.

Zagg Pro Stylus is two styli in one

Zagg Pro Stylus takes on Apple Pencil.
Zagg makes more than iPad keyboard cases. Here’s its new Apple Pencil competitor.
Photo: Zagg

Zagg Pro Stylus lets users take notes, sketch, swipe, mark documents and more. It stands out from rival styli by offering two tips. The active tip is for writing and drawing, while a capacitive tip is for swiping.

Unlike an Apple Pencil, it doesn’t offer pressure sensitivity. But it does have tilt detection. It is compatible with apps that support Apple’s stylus. And it clings to the side of the iPad with magnets, though it charges through USB-C.

Zagg Pro Stylus launched Thursday. It costs $69.99.

Zagg Messenger Folio 2 makes an iPad into a notebook

Zagg Messenger Folio 2 offers a simpler, cheaper option than the Zagg Pro Keys. This one is a case with connected keyboard that attaches to the iPad. It includes laptop-style keys and an Apple Pencil holder.

This case builds on the original version released earlier this year.

Zagg Messenger Folio 2 for the seventh- and eighth-generation iPad, as well as a version for the 10.5-in iPad Air 3, is available now for $59.99.

Source: Zagg