iOS 14 beta 3 brings new World Clock widget, other tweaks


iOS 14 Developer Beta 3 has a few tricks up its sleeve.
A new World Clock Widget made its debut in iPadOS 14 Developer Beta 3, and the iPhone version too.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple continues to add new features to iOS 14 and the iPad equivalent in the third beta, which the company seeded to developers Wednesday. However, the latest betas brought no major changes.

There’s a new World Clock widget. And the Apple Music app returned to the same icon design it had years ago. Other than that, Apple seems to be concentrating on bug fixes.

While Apple separated iPadOS from iOS in 2019, the two remain close enough that all the enhancements in iOS 14 developer beta 3 apply to both iPhone and iPad.

Improvements in iOS 14 developer beta 3

The new World Clock widget lets users view on their Home screen the current time in four cities. These do not have to be the same cities listed in the Clock app.

And iOS 14 also gets a “new” icon for the Music app. The simple white-on-red music note might look familiar — Apple used something very similar years ago.

The release notes for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 developer beta 3 don’t list any other significant new features. But today’s betas do bring some other tweaks. iPads and iPhone now explain in a pop-up message how to move Home screen widgets around the first time the Home screen is edited, for example.

A public version is coming

Currently, the third beta of iOS 14 and the iPad equivalent are only for paying members of Apple’s developer program. But that likely will change soon.

Apple introduced the second iOS 14 developer beta on July 7, and released it for public testing two days later. If Apple continues this practice, then the public will get their hands on the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta on Friday.