Get ready for ‘wolfvision’ in the animated movie Wolfwalkers on Apple TV+

Get ready for ‘wolfvision’ in the animated movie Wolfwalkers on Apple TV+


Wolfwalkers is headed for Apple TV+ in late 2020
Wolfwalkers will offer amazing animation to Apple TV+ subscribers.
Photo: Cartoon Saloon

The studio that created Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells will bring its latest animated feature to Apple TV+ before the end of 2020. Wolfwalkers is set in medieval Ireland, and tells the story of two girls who transform into wolves.

Run wild with Wolfwalkers

The upcoming Wolfwalkers is about the struggle between uptight townspeople and magical forest dwellers. It’s being created by Cartoon Saloon, who summarizes it with “Robyn Goodfellowe, a wolfhunter’s daughter, comes to Ireland with her father. But when she befriends a wild girl, she is transformed… into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy.”

Tomm Moore, one of the directors of Wolfwalkers, gave a presentation about the upcoming film at the French animation festival Annecy on Tuesday.

He says the design of the film is controlled by the conflicting forces. Townspeople are all straight lines, while forest dwellers are all curves. “If the characters are angry, they might actually have angry lines. If they’re happy and free, they’ll have very wild, free lines. If they’re very uptight, they might have very tight lines,” said Moore, according to Cartoon Brew.

A highlight of the film is “wolfvision” — showing how the girls in wolf form see the forest at night. Check out the Wolfwalkers concept trailer from 2017 to see wolfvision in action.

This will be the first animated movie on Apple TV+. It’s scheduled to debut near the end of the year, according to Cartoon Brew.

This isn’t the first animated offering from Apple‘s video streaming service, though. There’s Central Park, a musical comedy from the Loren Bouchard, who won an Emmy for Bob’s Burgers. And there’s the educational show Snoopy in Space, which was recently nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.