Threatening bag of apples shuts down Apple Store in Oregon

Threatening bag of apples shuts down Apple Store in Oregon


A protest at an Apple Store in Oregon turned out to be not dangerous.
Apple Bridgeport Village was shut down Wednesday because of a possible bomb.
Photo: Apple

A protester wrote a cryptic message on the window of the Apple Store in Tigard, Oregon, on Wednesday, and left a mysterious package. Police shut down the shopping center and sent in the bomb squad.

Fortunately, the bundle at the center of the furor turned out to be a non-dangerous bag of apples.

A particularly enigmatic Apple Store protest

Employees of Apple Bridgeport Village found “Timmy, close the back door” written on the front window, according to the Portland Tribune. That’s apparently a reference to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

Along with the note was an arrow pointing to an unknown bundle. The Portland police bomb squad investigated and found only fruit.

“At the outset, it was a suspicious package but it turned out there were just apples left inside of it,” Sgt. Nate Cooper of the Tualatin Police Department told the Portland Tribune. “Apparently, what we’re assuming is that she was trying to make a statement to Apple themselves.”

The protester was reportedly tracked down and cited for both criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Protests at Apple retail locations aren’t unknown, though it’s been several years since any made the news. Perhaps the most recent were back in 2016 when there were demonstrations at dozens of Apple Stores. But these were applauding the company for standing up to the FBI’s demands to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.