Woz: Android Will Dominate iOS In The Smartphone Market



Steve Wozniak — that wonderful bear of a tech evangelist — may love his iPhone, but he’s not banking on iOS to handily win the smartphone wars: instead, the Apple co-founder says that Google’s Android operating system will be the dominating platform.

Woz turned coat in an interview with Dutch paper De Telegraaf yesterday. Although he admitted that the iPhone “[has] very few weak points” and that “[i]n terms of quality, the iPhone is leading” he thinks that Android phones ultimately have “more features” and offer a far greater choice for consumers.

He’s probably right that Android will eventually rule the roost, but I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that Android is the only real feature-by-feature competition for iOS and is available for installation on pretty much every handset out there for cheap than because Android has “more features.” Android will become dominant through ubiquity, just like Windows… but ubiquity has never been Apple’s game.

One more enticing detail dropped from Woz during his interview: he says Apple built a revolutionary phone in collaboration with a well-known Japanese manufacturer back in 2004, but never released it because they wanted something that “would amaze the world.” Imagine how different the mobile landscape would look right now if Apple had done different: we might still all be carrying around featurephones in our pockets.

[via Engadget]