First British comedy on Apple TV+ makes maddening adoption process funny somehow | Cult of Mac

First British comedy on Apple TV+ makes maddening adoption process funny somehow


Apple is Trying to inject more comedy into its slate of shows.
Photo: Apple

Anyone considering adopting children may want to rethink about going through the entire process after watching the first official trailer for the new Apple TV+ series, Trying.

Created in partnership with BBC Studios, Trying follows a British couple who want to have a child together more than anything. After finding out that they’re physically incapable of conceiving a child, the two decide to adopt, setting them on a wild ride of challenges as they try to convince an adoption panel that they would make great parents.

Watch the hilarious first trailer here:

It’s hard to judge a show by its first trailer, but Esther Smith as Nikki and Rafe Spall as Jason look like an incredible potent comedic duo, especially if you’re into that dry but zany humor the Brits are known for.

Trying‘s cast also includes BAFTA Award winner Imelda Staunton of Harry Potter-fame. Ophelia Lovibond, Oliver Chris, Esther Smith and Rafe Spall also star in the show. It’s being written by Andy Wolton who previously wrote the 2016 BBC Two pilot The Coopers Vs. The Rest, a show about a family of adopted children.

Apple TV+ has suffered from a serious lack of comedy series so far. Other than the video game developer comedy Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, the service’s only other funny show is Little America, although that anthology series has a lot more depth and drama too. Trying will give Apple TV+ subscribers something new to laugh at when it lands on May 1.