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Androids lose resale value twice as fast as iPhone


iPhone resale value beats Android year after year.
After a few years, it’s hardly worth the hassle of reselling an Android.
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There’s an area where Android is much faster than any iPhone: losing value. A gadget trade-in service tracked the depreciation of Apple and Android handsets and found that after a year the iPhone had held on to far more of its resale value.

iPhone resale value beats Android every time

Apple device do lose value over time. “In the first year, on average, iPhones lost -23.45%; by year two, the total loss is -45.46%,” notes BankMyCell.

But Androids lose way more. After one year, they’ve dropped an average of 48.65% — more than twice as much as iPhone after the same amount of time. And after two years, Androids are down 79.66%.

Consider the iPhone XR, which debuted at $749 in late 2018. This model lost $102 throughout 2019. Now look at the Samsung Galaxy S10, which also launched at $749, but it came out more recently: March of 2019. By the end of last year, it had already lost $278 in value, according to BankMyCell.

And Samsung was pulling up the average. This trade-in service notes that handsets made by Motorola, LG and Google each lost, on average, more than half of their value in their first year.

This isn’t a new trend. Similar studies done last year and in 2018 found that iPhones hold their value far longer than their rivals do.

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Source: BankMyCell