Cryptic Amazing Stories trailer drops hints for Apple TV+ reboot


“Amazing Stories” is coming to Apple TV+
Amazing Stories is expected to be more positive than other anthology sci-fi fantasy series.
Screenshot: Apple

Amazing Stories debuts on Apple TV+ in just a few weeks, and a new trailer previews the five episodes in the first season of this sci-fi/fantasy anthology.

Watch it now:

This is a “reimagination” of the classic 1980s show of the same name. The new series is once again helmed by its creator, Steven Spielberg.

Amazing Stories: “Five tales. Infinite imagination.”

This is an anthology, with each episode a standard-alone story. The trailer gives a brief glimpse of each of the five coming this spring.

At the initial unveiling of the Amazing Stories reboot last March, Spielberg described “The Rift.”  He said, “We want to transport the audience with every episode, like the World War II pilot whose plane magically travels through space and time from the past and into the present day. Who will he meet? Can he return? Does he want to? What happens if he doesn’t?”

And we know the premise of another. Shortly after Robert Forster passed in October, Apple TV+ gave a synopsis of “Dynoman and The Volt,” which will feature the Oscar-nominated actor. “When a superhero ring Grandpa ordered out of the back of a comic book arrives 50 years late, they discover it has the power to turn them into actual superheroes,” said Apple.

Scenes from both these episodes can be picked out in the trailer released today. Also coming are “Signs of Life,” “The Heat” and “The Cellar,” but the way bits of these are mixed together makes it seem Spielberg and co. don’t want viewers to know too much about what’s in store.  Apple’s description of the series just promises ”Five tales. Infinite imagination.”

On Apple TV+ next month

Amazing Stories was developed exclusively for Apple TV+. It will premier Friday, March 6.

Watching the first season, as well all the other shows on Apple TV+, requires $4.99 a month subscription. But anyone who recently bought selected Apple devices can enjoy free for a year. And for everyone else, there’s a one-week free trial.