Curve card finally adds Apple Pay support


Start using Apple Pay with Curve today.
Photo: Curve

Curve, the all-in-one card service, is finally rolling out Apple Pay support to customers across Europe.

Payments can be made using Apple Watch and iPhone for the first time. And the same great benefits you’re used to getting from your Curve card, including cash back on purchases, still apply.

Curve isn’t a bank. And it’s not just a card. It’s all your cards … rolled into one. It’s ideal for those who use multiple banks or credit card providers, and it has become hugely popular since it launched in 2016.

Almost four years on, Curve is finally adding Apple Pay support to make shopping even more convenient.

Curve embraces Apple Pay

“Curve’s integration with Apple Pay is a magnificent addition to Curve’s unique money management features,” said Diego Rivas, Curve’s head of product, in a statement to Cult of Mac.

The update compliments “Curve’s commitment to simplifying and unifying people’s financial lives and enabling even more ways for customers to pay with one of the most rewarding and feature-packed personal finance products on the market.”

Using Curve with Apple Pay is just like using any other card. Simply add Curve from within the Wallet app and you can start paying for purchases with your Apple Watch your iPhone.

You’ll continue to receive all the same benefits, including instant cash back when you shop with select retailers, competitive exchange rates, and free ATM withdrawals. The ability to “go back in time” and switch transactions from one card to another also works with Apple Pay, too.

You can start using your Curve card with Apple Pay today.