iPhone 11 owners report audio issues with wireless CarPlay


Are you suffering CarPlay problems?
Photo: Ford

A growing number of iPhone 11 owners are reporting audio issues and other strange glitches with wireless CarPlay.

All say the feature worked fine with previous devices, but after upgrading to the latest Apple handsets, they’ve been unable to avoid CarPlay problems. And Apple’s latest iOS updates don’t help.

“I am getting skipping of music every few seconds and if I try to make a call it goes from CarPlay to my phone,” wrote one iPhone 11 Pro Max owner on Apple’s official Support Communities forum.

That particular thread is now 13 pages long, and it’s filled with complaints from people experiencing the same issues with wireless CarPlay. So, what’s going on?

iPhone 11’s wireless CarPlay headache

The problem appears to be affecting iPhone 11 series handsets only. Users say wireless CarPlay worked just fine with iPhone X and other models, but has been broken since they upgraded their device.

“I just upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro Max … and my CarPlay is skipping now,” added another user. “It’s only a few times a song, but it’s annoying.”

“I’m having the same problem,” said another. “I just upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro from the XS Max. Mine skips a lot too. Wish someone will post a fix.”

A surprisingly large chunk of people with this issue are Mini Cooper owners. But others are seeing the same problems inside other vehicles from other manufacturers, too.

iOS updates won’t fix it

It seems this CarPlay problem started back in October, soon after the iPhone 11 lineup made its debut. That’s when the complaints first started popping up online.

We’ve seen a number of iOS 13 updates since then, but users say they don’t correct the issue. The problem is still present under Apple’s most recent iOS 13.3 release.

We’ve contacting Apple to see if it’s aware of this issue — and whether a fix is on the way. We’ll update this post if we get a response.

Via: 9to5Mac