Apple supplier is increasing its ability to build masses of iPhones in India


Apple supplier is increasing its ability to build masses of iPhones in India
India is a growing market for Apple as both manufacturer and vendor.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple contract manufacturer Wistron is reportedly ramping up its iPhone production abilities in India. Wistron already has two plants located in Bengaluru, which have been producing iPhones for the local market. But now it’s got a third, located in Narasapura, which will also build phones for Apple.

This will greatly increase Wistron’s abilities to build large quantities of iPhones for Apple.

Wistron carried out trial production at the Narasapura plant at the end of last year. According to Wistron chairman Simon Lin, it is now ramping up output. It is also seeking to hire top and mid-tier management, who will fill out the managerial ranks at the facility.

Wistron produces iPhone 6s and iPhone SE devices for Apple. These are intended to sell to the local market in India. This avoids costly import duties, and also helps fulfill local sourcing quotas.

In addition to Wistron, other Apple manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron are also looking to expand their manufacturing presence in India. Today’s Digitimes report points out that Foxconn is already beginning the production of iPhone XR production in India.

Both Apple and India are keen on embracing India as a market for Apple manufacturing. Apple is also hoping it can start selling more handsets to customers. More than 1.311 billion people live in India. However, Apple currently holds just 3 percent of the Indian smartphone market. No doubt Apple is hoping that its first official retail store in India can help change that.

At the very least, the company will surely be happy to see more suppliers embracing manufacturing outside of China.

Source: Digitimes