TiVo might not release an Apple TV app after all


TiVo might not release an Apple TV app after all
TiVo's probably not getting an Apple TV app. Not in the future -- or whenever this picture was taken.
Photo: TiVo

TiVo’s plans for an Apple TV app are “currently on hold,” according to an executive at the company. Speaking with TechHive, Ted Malone, TiVo’s VP of consumer products and services, described the promised app as being “in limbo.”

A spokesperson later said that this is because the company has, “re-prioritized several projects in order to focus on the launch of TiVo Stream 4K.” It sounds as if Roku and Fire TV apps may also be set to suffer a similar fate.

An Apple TV app for TiVo was originally promised at last year’s CES. The app was supposedly set to launch in Q3 2019. Obviously that didn’t happen. And now it sounds like we may never see it. It’s no massive surprise that an Apple TV app was not a particularly high priority for TiVo. It said as much at the start of last year.

Again speaking to TechHive, Ted Malone said that Apple TV streaming would be limited to 720p resolution, with 30 frames-per-second. That would still have been watchable. But, as my colleague Killian Bell noted last year, “it definitely seems out of place in the high definition and 60-fps world.” At the time, Malone put down the scaled-back Apple TV app to allocation of resources.

Now it seems that an Apple TV TiVo app may have been relocated out of existence. That’s certainly disappointing news.

Source: TechHive