AirSnap Pro adds colorful protection to AirPods Pro


AirSnap Pro for AirPods Pro
AirSnap Pro brings a more organic look to AirPods Pro.
Photo: Twelve South

Apple’s charging case for AirPods Pro is fine if you like shiny white plastic, but Twelve South today launched AirSnap Pro with a very different look. This leather case wraps around Apple’s new hearables, both protecting them and adding more color options.

Twelve South promises this case “is designed and tailored to fit your AirPods Pro like a glove.” It’s made of premium, full-grain leather. The top is held closed with a metal snap — nance the name.

AirSnap Pro comes in Slate Blue, Cognac or Black.

AirSnap Pro is an AirPods Pro case case

But beyond just adding color, this case protects the plastic case that comes with these in-ear headphones. And it comes with a removable S-clip that you attach it to a purse, keys, etc. Or there’s a nylon wrist strap.

Twelve South began taking pre-orders for AirSnap Pro today. The price is $39.99, regardless of color.

Unfortunately, this AirPods Pro add-on will come out just a bit late for Christmas or Hanukkah — Twelve South says it will begin shipping pre-orders the week of ‪December 30. But you can provide an IOU.‬

‪Anyone who has Apple’s earlier models doesn‘t have to wait. A version of ‬AirSnap for ‪AirPods or AirPods 2‬ came out early this year.