iPhone comparison video shows iPhone 11 Pro can't outshoot TV camera

iPhone 11 Pro can’t outshoot a $250,000 TV camera


iPhone v. TV camera
Sometimes size does matter.
Screenshot: Zebra Zone/YouTube

The iPhone may replace other cameras in many homes. But it won’t send professional still and video cameras to their grave like some believe.

To make this case, YouTuber Zebra Zone created a ridiculous video showing an iPhone 11 Pro in a shootout with a $250,000 broadcast TV camera.

You don’t have to watch to know which camera performed best. The iPhone is a knife in a duel with a ballistic missile.

Zebra Zone, a bit disgusted by the many iPhone comparison videos populating YouTube, wants to dispel some of the myths he fears comparison videos are perpetuating.

Many of those videos, he said, are made in conditions where light is ideal and the reach of the iPhone telephoto lens isn’t challenged.

Zebra Zone is not anti-iPhone nor is he trying to convince us we need to spend a ton of money on gear. He does explain why certain cameras are expensive and why, if you are establishing a photo and video business, you may not want to rely on an iPhone.

“In my opinion, the iPhone can do a bit of everything pretty well,” he said. “It isn’t designed to do one thing really well.”

Source: PetaPixel