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iPhone 11 Pro can’t outshoot a $250,000 TV camera


iPhone v. TV camera
Sometimes size does matter.
Screenshot: Zebra Zone/YouTube

The iPhone may replace other cameras in many homes. But it won’t send professional still and video cameras to their grave like some believe.

To make this case, YouTuber Zebra Zone created a ridiculous video showing an iPhone 11 Pro in a shootout with a $250,000 broadcast TV camera.

Tiny ActionCam is perfect for cheap thrillseekers


A capable, budget-friendly action camera.
A capable, budget-friendly action camera.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

I waited for a GoPro-type video camera that won’t the break the bank, and happily discovered Vivitar’s DVR 786HD ActionCam fits the bill.

It’s tiny, capable and totally scratches my itch for an easy-to-use video camera to wean me off using up my iPhone’s battery to capture longer videos.

I found one of these ActionCams for around $75 or so on Amazon, and while it doesn’t offer all the extreme insanity of a GoPro, it’s a pretty nifty little camera on its own.