Featurette shows how Apple’s Ghostwriter slips education into the fun


White Rabbit Ghostwriter
Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit is one of the literary characters brought to life in Ghostwriter.
Photo: Apple

The new Apple TV+ series Ghostwriter is more than entertainment for children. A new video gives cast and crew a chance to talk about the role classic literature plays.

Watch it now:

Ghostwriter brings literature to life

Many TV shows are inspired by literature, like Dickinson, also on Apple TV+. But Ghostwriter takes it to a new level, with famous characters escaping from books to interact with a group of middle-school children.

The director, Luke Matheny, says “I think it’s really important for kids to have a series that focuses on literature.”

The series of 10 episodes includes characters from a range of genres and authors, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Frankenstein, The Jungle Book, and more.

Ghostwriter was produced by experts in programming that mixes learning and entertainment: Sesame Workshop, the same group behind Sesame Street. Other educational options for kids on Apple TV+ include Snoopy in Space and Helpsters.

Access to all the shows on Apple TV+, including Ghostwriter, costs $4.99 a month. But a free one-year subscription is available to anyone who buys selected Apple devices. And for everyone else, there’s a one-week free trial.