iPad magician uses fan art for Christmas-themed tricks


iPad magician Simon Pierro
Merry Christmas from the iPad magician.
Screenshot: Simon Pierro/YouTube

Instead of writing to Santa Claus, a 10-year-old boy named Aiden sent a message to iPad magician Simon Pierro asking for a few Christmas-themed magic tricks in a YouTube video.

Pierro not only came through with Aiden’s request, but he also used the kid’s drawing of Olaf, the snowman character from Disney’s Frozen, in his unique iPad magic.

The tricks are predictable, but no less astonishing when you consider he gets no help from Apple in creating his iPad illusions. Olaf’s facial features were in and out of the iPad, as Pierro seemed to pull the one-dimensional representation of the snowman’s eyes or nose out of the screen and present them to the camera in three dimensions.

If the video below is your first introduction to Pierro’s magic, click on links to stories below it to see some of his other tricks.

He uses the iPad like the old top hat, pulling everything from live snakes to Oscar statuettes for amazed passersby on Hollywood Boulevard. He even leaves monkeys stupefied with his tricks.