Facebook censors Power Mac G4 for being too darn sexy


"Overtly sexual" images ahead.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple is responsible for some of the most attractive computers ever made. So attractive, in fact, that Facebook’s algorithms seem to be censoring some models for being too darn sexy.

One Power Mac G4 owner recently listed their machine for sale on the social network. But the perfectly innocent post was taken down for including “overtly sexual content.”

The clean and simple aluminum unibodies sported by today’s Apple computers have become a little too familiar. They certainly look good, but they’re not as striking as some of their predecessors.

The Power Mac G4, for instance, is a computer everyone wanted to show off. It launched in 1999, at a time when most desktops were ugly beige boxes, with a futuristic form factor made from glossy plastic.

Two decades later, it seems the machine is a little too sexy for some.

Facebook calls Power Mac G4 too ‘sexual’

“I am trying to sell an old G4 tower on Facebook but their AI is loosing its cool on my G4 MDD’s sexy curves,” writes one Power Mac G4 owner on the MacRumors forum.

They include a screenshot that shows their post has been removed by Facebook. “This listing may go against our rules on overtly sexual content,” it explains. “You can request a review or remove the listing.”

Your Power Mac G4 isn’t welcome on Facebook.
Photo: kyjaotkb

Other photos of the machine showed off its internals, which include an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro graphics card, the poster explains.

“This thing could have been featured in a Playboy and nobody would have bat an eye,” jokes another forum member.

We have no idea why Facebook’s algorithms might consider the G4 “overtly sexual.” It’s obviously a mistake, but who knows how it became so confused.

“That sure wouldn’t happen with a modern, square piece if metal!” adds the machine’s owner. “Makes me want to keep it…”