Microsoft To Do for iOS gets push notifications for shared lists


Grab the update today.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft just rolled out a nice new update to its To Do app on iOS that makes it easier to keep track of shared lists.

Push notifications are now available to those with personal Microsoft accounts, so you’ll know as soon as a shared list is updated. And it’s now easier to import shared lists from Wunderlist, too.

You might think using a Microsoft app on your iOS devices is heresy. But as it turns out, Microsoft makes some terrific software for Apple devices. To Do is one of the nicest task managers you don’t have to pay for.

Its latest update, version 2.6, makes it even better — especially for those who use shared task lists.

Microsoft To Do 2.6 brings push notifications

The big feature in this update is push notifications for personal Microsoft accounts. They’ll alert you whenever another person adds or checks off a task on a shared list, so you’re always up to date.

The same feature is coming to school and works accounts later, Microsoft says.

What’s more, To Do can now import shared lists from Wunderlist (the task management app it previously acquired from 6Wunderkinder and now plans to close down) and prompt you to reshare them with others.

This update also gives To Do the ability to star tasks from the Planner if the important level is set. And it gives the menu view “a little bit of elasticity” so it satisfyingly snaps back when you stretch it too far.

You can download To Do 2.6 from the App Store now.