Crafty covers turn your AirPods into a turkey


This turkey-shaped crochet AirPods cover is the baste.
This AirPods cover is the baste.
Photo: Dana Davis

Crafty entrepreneurs came up with a fun way to make your AirPods — or at least the charging case they come in — stand out. Crochet AirPods covers ensure that nobody will mistake that little white case for a pack of dental floss.

If you feel like dismissing crochet as something from your grandmother’s era, you haven’t looked around your coffeeshop, bus or subway car recently. If you do, you might notice that a new, hip generation of creators discovered this analog textile art.

Google “crochet AirPods cases” and you will find a continuous thread of photos posted by Etsy artists and others. They have come up with an array of designs and patterns to keep your plastic charging case cozy.

Amazon and even retail outlets like Urban Outfitters quickly caught on to the crochet cover craze. Look at Pinterest, and you will see loads of pictures and patterns to give artists ideas. And plenty of Etsy artists peddle their crocheted AirPods covers in the online marketplace.

One, Dana Davis of Richmond, Va., is uniquely qualified to crank out the covers. By day, she works as a web developer for a creative agency, writing the code that brings website designs to life. The code she writes can feel similar to the stitch patterns of her covers.

Crochet AirPods covers for Apple fans

Apple design crochet cover for AirPods
An Apple cover for an Apple device.
Photo: Dana Davis

“There are definitely similarities,” Davis told Cult of Mac. “For the process of creating something for a website, I am writing code and putting puzzle pieces together. If you design it, I will code it. You always start with something seen. It’s the same way with crocheting.”

A musical unicorn adorns this crochet AirPods cover.
A musical unicorn adorns this crocheted AirPods cover.
Photo: Dana Davis

Davis crocheted AirPods covers to look like a cutesy unicorn, a smiling pineapple, a yellow chick and a red (and very appropriate) apple with stem and leaf.

Each cover takes about two hours to make and is done with amigurumi, a Japanese style of crocheting with tiny needles for stitches linked tightly together. Crafters often use the technique to make larger stuffed animals.

Davis, who learned crocheting as a kid from her grandmother, also dabbles in other crafty pursuits like knitting and embroidery.

Crochet AirPods cases: Fun and unique

This crochet AirPods cover looks like a pineapple
A pineapple AirPods cover.
Photo: Dana Davis

Davis spotted another artist’s turkey AirPods cover — complete with drumsticks — and freehanded her own version in time for the holidays.

“I like to make gifts that are personal,” she said. “That’s the whole reason I make anything. I don’t do the random, ‘Here are some socks.’ I like taking requests from co-workers. That’s how the turkey came about.”