Updated Apple Maps rolls out in Pacific Northwest and Midwest


Updated Apple Maps rolls out in Pacific Northwest and Midwest
Have you seen the new Apple Maps version?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple is almost done with its quest to revamp Apple Maps across the United States. In its latest update, Apple rolled out its revamped Apple Maps app in the Pacific Northwest and parts of the Midwest.

Locations covered by the update include Washington, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and more.

“We wanted to take [Apple Maps] to the next level,” Eddy Cue, head of the Apple Maps project, said last year. “We have been working on trying to create what we hope is going to be the best map app in the world.”

The updated app looks similar to Apple Maps as you know it. However, it includes additional details such as trees, sports fields and parking lots. The results make it more ecologically and topographically accurate. The app utilises data gathered using Apple’s mapping vehicles and from GPS-enabled iPhones. Apple has also applied for permission to use drones to improve Apple Maps.

At this year’s WWDC, Apple said the updated Apple Maps will roll out across the United States by the end of 2019. It will then begin to arrive in other countries in 2020.

Cupertino is hopeful that, once all is said and done, it can banish the disastrous early reputation of Apple Maps. Early problems ranged from depicting horribly warped landscapes to directing folks visiting the airport in Fairbanks, Alaska, to drive across one of the taxiways.

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Source: iMore