Apple delves behind the scenes of See in new featurette


Apple delves behind the scenes of See in new featurette
In a break from his usual casting, Jason Momoa plays a muscular man mountain in See.
Photo: Apple

How do you make something that’s exciting visually when it’s depicting a world populated by people who can’t see? That’s one of the challenges that the creators of Apple TV+ series See faced when developing the Apple Original show.

That question and a few others are answered in a new behind the scenes featurette Apple released Thursday.

The video, despite being only a few minutes long, stresses how much consideration went into the show’s look. Particularly, it discusses how the show’s creators consulted members of the blind community to come up with a look that was compellingly realistic.

This is something the show’s stars have previously expounded on in interviews.

The series, which stars Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa, tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which a virus has eradicated sight. Long after the virus, the idea of sight has become a taboo myth.

You can read my thoughts on episode one of See here. While I liked it, it’s probably my least favorite of the big three Apple TV+ shows. That’s not really a damning appraisal, though. I just really, really liked The Morning Show and For All Mankind.

By comparison, See looks fun, but takes itself a bit seriously for what is, in essence, a Waterworld-style high concept show. It’s just not as original as the other, err, Apple Originals. With episode four out, however, I definitely plan to keep on watching. Apple has now confirmed that See will get a second season.

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