16-inch MacBook Pro leaks! We talk about them, on The CultCast | Cult of Mac

16-inch MacBook Pro leaks! We talk about them, on The CultCast


CultCast #411
A new leak shows the 16-inch MacBook Pro isn't quite what we expected...
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: The new 16-inch MacBook Pro just leaked, but its “new design” leaves a lot of people disappointed. Plus, we’ll tell you why 2020 could deliver Apple’s most impressive hardware in years. And stick around for our favorite new router, mouse, keyboard and iPhone 11 case in an all-new Under Review!

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The CultCast Episode #411: New MacBook Pro LEAKS

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This week’s stories

Here’s your first glimpse of that 16-inch MacBook Pro. Or not.

  • Behold, we appear to have images of the rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro. All pulled from a macOS Catalina beta.
  • A French blog this week published what it called a rendering for a new Mac laptop discovered hidden in a macOS Catalina beta.
  • Skeptics, from Twitter to tech news sites, quickly tamped down any excitement by pointing out the icon’s similarities to the current 15-inch model.

2020 will deliver Apple’s ‘most impressive hardware’ in years

  • 2020 will be the year Apple unveils its “most impressive hardware in some time,” according to a new report.
  • Alongside big upgrades for iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac, Cupertino also is expected to deliver its first augmented reality glasses.
  • It’s been two years since Apple introduced a major iPhone redesign. The Apple Watch hasn’t changed significantly since its debut. But 2020 could change all that. Bloomberg expects Apple to blow everyone away next year with huge upgrades and brand-new product lines.

Under Review!

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