Firefox 70 draws less power, shows who’s tracking you


Firefox 70 Enhanced Tracking Protection report
Firefox 70 offers a list of tracking cookies blocked by its Enhanced Tracking Protection.
Photo: Firefox/Cult of Mac

Firefox fans can expect this web browser to be less of a drain on their MacBook’s battery. Plus, the latest version gives users a report showing the dozens of cookies attempting to track them across the Web.

Firefox 70 draws less power

Mozilla has reworked the way FireFox 70 is displayed on Mac screens, allowing the browser to need less power when displaying web sites.

Markus Stange from the Mozilla Gfx Team wrote, “Firefox 70 improves power usage by 3x or more for many use cases. The larger the Firefox window and the smaller the animation, the bigger the difference. Users have reported much longer battery life, cooler machines and less fan spinning.”

See how many trackers are being blocked

Firefox already offered Enhanced Tracking Protection to block third-party tracking cookies from advertisers but also Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mozilla claims it has blocked 450 billion of these since it enabled this feature.

The latest edition of the browser shows users what it’s accomplished. “We’re introducing a new feature that offers you a free report outlining the number of third-party and social media trackers blocked automatically by the Firefox browser with Enhanced Tracking Protection,” said Dave Camp, SVP Firefox at Mozilla.

The company has bee stepping up its privacy protections, like the new Lockbox for iOS that enables Firefox passwords to be used in other applications.

This feature is available in the macOS and iOS versions of this browser.

See examples of the tracking report in a video produced by this company:

Source: Mozilla and Mozilla