Like A Donkey Coupling With A Unicorn, Connect Your Windows Phone 7 Handset With Your Mac



Earlier this month, Microsoft promised that Mac owners born with mental aberrations grave enough to compel them to buy a Windows Phone 7 handset over an iPhone would be facilitated in their madness by native OS X syncing software, and what do you know, Microsoft was as good as its word.

The software is called Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac, and it will allow you to sync content including music, photos, video and podcasts from your Mac to your Windows Phone 7 handset. You can read a review of the software here.

The software somehow ties into your existing iTunes and iPhoto libraries, so while Windows Phone 7 Connector isn’t nearly as integrated with your Mac as iTunes is, it still should be relatively painless to get your media onto your new Windows Phone 7 device. Certainly more painless than actually using your Windows Phone 7 handset, that is.