Wedding photogs stand ready to tie the knot with iPhone 11 Pro


comparing dslr with iPhone 11 Pro
Which was shot with the iPhone 11 Pro?
Screenshot: Eichar Photography/YouTube

Pro photographers Jamie and Lauren Eichar tested the iPhone 11 Pro to determine whether Apple’s newest flagship was worthy of the Pro in its name.

They weren’t expecting the results the new iPhone delivered.

While the wedding photographers said they weren’t ready to use it in place of their DSLR cameras, a side-by-side comparison during an engagement shoot shows just how far the iPhone has come.

The San Francisco-based photo couple, hosts of a new YouTube channel Eichars Explore, posted a video showing photos from both cameras. They gave viewers a chance to guess which photos came from the iPhone and which were from the highly regarded Canon 5D Mark IV.

“We were definitely expecting the iPhone 11 Pro to perform well on the shoot, but we had no idea it would actually be comparable to our DSLR,” Jamie Eichar told the photography website, PetaPixel. “Obviously, the iPhone still has room to improve in order to catch up with our professional cameras. [But] with the ability to use the wider camera for portrait mode and the improved quality of the images altogether I think this is the closest we’ve gotten from a phone.”

iPhone 11 Pro versus DSLR, the little details

There were small areas, like a gap between an arm and torso, in a few of the iPhone photos that were missed by the blur effect of the camera’s Portrait mode. Even so, it would take a bit of looking for the eye to spot the mistakes, which looked easy enough to correct in Photoshop.

missed spot on the iPhone 11 Pro photo
Computational photography has room to grow.
Screenshot: Eichar Photography/YouTube

But in many cases, Eichar said, the side-by-side comparison wasn’t so obvious. He said he could deliver the photos to a client “and they would have no idea that it was shot on an iPhone.”

He also said he could easily see using the iPhone 11 Pro to deliver quick shots to a client. They might even consider the phone shots their favorite from a shoot.

Do you think you can tell the difference? Watch the video below.

Source: PetaPixel