Reverse wireless charging might change the look of the iPhone 11

Reverse wireless charging might change the look of the iPhone 11


Close up or iPhone 11 dummy model camera setup
The iPhone 11 Pro might not look quite like this.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Almost every picture you’ve seen of the iPhone 11 might be wrong. New images of this model have surfaced and they show that Apple could be tweaking the look of the back.

The change could be made so it’s easier to use this handset to wirelessly charge another device, like an AirPods case.

iPhone 11 moving the Apple logo

Current and previous iPhone models have the Apple logo in the top-half of the back plate, and the word “iPhone” in the bottom-half.

Tipster Ben Geskin says the model coming next month will instead have the Apple logo in the exact middle of the back. And “iPhone” won’t be there at all.

This would hardly be an unprecedented look. iPads have always had the Apple logo centered, and so have MacBooks. And MacBooks don’t have that word printed on the back.

Assisting in reverse wireless charging

This change might not be happening just to make the back of the iPhone 11 more closely resemble other Apple devices, though. It could assist in reverse wireless charging.

Geskin points out that the center of the iPhone is just where an AirPods wireless charging case would need to be placed to receive power. Moving the Apple logo there would make finding the exact spot a simple task.

Rumors have been around for months that the iPhone 11 will be able to wirelessly send power to other devices, not just receive it. This feature will supposedly go beyond AirPods cases — next-gen iPhones could sendpower to other handsets that need an emergency battery boost.

An alternative theory

Or the Apple logo could be relocated simply to get it farther away from the much larger camera bump needed by the addition of a third lens. If the logo is in its usual spot nearer the top, it’s quite close to the bump — possibly so near as to cause difficulties for cases that include rear openings for both the camera and the Apple logo.

We’ll almost certainly find out Sept. 10 when Apple has scheduled the press event where the 2019 iPhone models will be announced.