Apple Watch Series 5 could save a struggling display-maker


Watch out!
An analysts’ note makes a rare mention of Apple Watch Series 5.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

An updated Apple Watch could launch as early as next month but almost nothing has leaked out about it so far. That makes a reputable analyst’s prediction that struggling Japan Display could make OLED screens for Apple Watch Series 5 something worth taking note of.

Sometimes Ming-Chi Kuo’s notes to investors give the world early glimpses of upcoming products. This latest one, in contrast, is primarily of interest of those who are concerned about whether Apple will be able to access sufficient supplies of OLED panels.

Still, it’s a further sign that struggling Japan Display will likely survive. Supplying OLEDs for this wrist-worn computer will surely help bolster its bottom line. Currently, most of its revenue comes from producing iPhone XR screens.

What little we know about Apple Watch Series 5

Last fall’s fourth-generation Apple Watch brought the first increase in display size. It also added an ECG for testing heart health. Based on Apple’s previous practices, the model coming a year after such significant hardware changes is likely to include only incremental ones.

Instead, the enhancements are going to be in software, and also available to users of earlier versions. watchOS 6, which was unveiled in June, makes this wrist computer less dependent on the iPhone thanks to its very own App Store. It also brings brand news faces and complications — and new apps like Audiobooks, Voice Memos and Calculator.

As for hardware, Kuo said back in February that the 2019 models will offer a “ceramic casing design”. This is something that was available in earlier Apple Watch editions at a considerable premium.

And that’s it. There has been so little “buzz” about Apple Watch Series 5 that having it mentioned in a reputable analyst’s note should reassure people that there will be a new model this year.

If Apple sticks true to form, this wearable will be announced alongside the iPhone 11 Pro, most likely at a Sept. 10 press event.

Source: ChinaZ