Crestron’s high-end remote works with Apple TV and HomeKit now


Crestron remote and Apple TV
Apple TV and a Crestron home-automation remote control can now work together.
Photo: Crestron

Those who control their smart home with a Crestron remote can now add Apple TV and HomeKit accessories. The remote can be programmed to display Apple TV selections on its touchscreen, or commands can be given to HomeKit devices via Siri.

This company promises “the ability to browse Apple TV content with lightning-fast IP control via the award-winning TSR-310 touchscreen remote.” Or users can go with voice control: “Have Siri find specific content for you with a simple press of the microphone button on the TSR-310 remote and voice command.”

The partnership between Crestron and Apple seems to be in its early stages, as programming the smart home remote must be done with Windows software. That said, Crestron’s announcement indicates it expects companies that specialize in home automation to do the programming for their clients.

Plus, the company promises an upcoming software update that will make controlling an Apple TV through its universal remote easier.

The TSR-310 isn’t sold as a stand-alone product. Rather, it’s meant to be part of a full home-automation system.