Apple hints at 2 new Japanese Apple Stores opening this year


Apple Stores Japan
Apple's new logos for its Japa
Image: Apple

New images posted to Apple’s website reveal the opening of two new stores in Japan for later this year. The stylized logos are accompanied by text reading “planned for 2019.”

One of the logos uses the colors of Apple’s iconic rainbow logo. The other is a slightly retro-style logo showing the Apple logo as a series of lines with a sun-hued gradient.

It’s not clear exactly where the new Apple Stores will be located. However, it seems likely that one could be the in-development location in the Mitsubishi building in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district.

Apple’s connection with Japan

Apple has always had a special connection with Japan. Back in 2003, Japan was the first country outside of the U.S. to receive an Apple Store. This owed largely to Steve Jobs’ love of the country. Jobs had a lifelong affection for Japan, and visited often.

However, it wasn’t always a guarantee that the iPhone would triumph in Japan. But despite early predictions it wouldn’t succeed, Japan fell in love with the handset, which has subsequently been widely adopted.

While iPhone sales have recently suffered in Japan as they have elsewhere, Apple is still keen to continue its expansion of Apple Stores there. This follows Apple’s aggressive store-opening initiative in China over the past several years.