Apple Card gets $999 accessory you didn’t know it needed


Your Apple Card deserves a classy wallet.
Photo: GRAY

Exorbitantly priced Apple accessories are all the rage this summer thanks to the new Pro Stand, so why not grab one more stupid expensive add-on for your Apple Card?

Singapore-based luxury brand GRAY unveiled its newest range of minimalist card wallets this week. Like the Apple Card, it’s made of titanium and has a beautiful minimalist design. And like the Pro Stand, it will set you back a cool grand.

Take a closer look:

Simple yet beautiful.
Photo: GRAY

The new Vandium wallets have an outer shell made from aerospace grade titanium. Carbon fiber plates are on the inside to secure the elastic band that keeps all your cards together.

There are a couple of different color combinations available. Some models are limited to only 50 to 100 models worldwide with prices ranging from $500 to $1000.

As far as features go, Vandium blocks RFID signals to protect you from potential skimmers. It has two big openings on both sides so you can pop out your two most-used cards with just a swipe of the thumb. You can carry anywhere between 1 and 15 cards comfortably and a little bit of cash if you’re still into old school payments.

Pre-orders are available on GRAY’s website starting now until July 7th with units shipping out to customers by the end of July.