Concept iPhone packs giant virtual display and keyboard

Concept iPhone packs giant virtual display and keyboard


What if your iPhone was also your Mac?
What if your iPhone was also your Mac?
Photo: Hassan Kaymak/ ConceptsiPhone

A new concept iPhone explores the possibility of pico projectors creating a full-size external display and keyboard, essentially turning the handset into a mobile desktop.

Watch a video of this proposed device in action.

The design and video were created by Hassan Kaymak for ConceptsiPhone.

Pico projectors are a real thing

Concept devices fall somewhere on a spectrum from “interesting idea” to “flat-out science fiction”. Unfortunately, this one is fairly far in the sci-fi range. The extremely small projectors that would be required just aren’t available.

There are pico projectors on the market, but they are larger than an iPhone, don’t project both a screen and a keyboard, and certainly don’t include the gesture recognition necessary for a virtual keyboard.

All that said, phones with Mac-size virtual displays and keyboards might become a reality someday. It’s not going to happen in time for the iPhone 11.

An iPhone 11 wishlist

The other specifications Kaymak would like to see going into the next-gen iOS handset are typical of concept devices, and some are based on rumors.

That includes a triple-lens camera. And the super-slim clip-on AirBattery that was recently part of another ConceptsiPhone proposal.

This designer would also like to see Apple remove the screen-cutout from future handsets. The real iPhone 11 might take a big step in this direction with an under-screen selfie cam.