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Netflix can’t wait to compete against Apple and Disney


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Netflix doesn’t seem worried at all that Apple and Disney are launching their own competitive streaming services by the end of 2019.

In its latest report to investors, Netflix cited Disney and Apple as its biggest upcoming competition, but instead of fearing the two companies’ platforms, Netflix swears its actually excited about the competition.

Apple TV+ was unveiled at an event last month. The company has a slate of original TV shows that will be available for a monthly subscription, but the company hasn’t said how much it will cost. Disney revealed its streaming service last week. It will only cost $7 per month and comes with Disney and Fox’s vast library of movie and TV shows, plus original content like the Star Wars TV show The Mandalorian.

Netflix vs Apple TV+ vs Disney+

“Recently, Apple and Disney each unveiled their direct-to-consumer subscription video services. Both companies are world class consumer brands and we’re excited to compete; the clear beneficiaries will be content creators and consumers who will reap the rewards of many companies vying to provide a great video experience for audiences,” said Netflix in its earnings report.

Apple has spent well over $1 billion on its first year of original TV shows. Netflix spent $8 billion on original content in 2018 alone so Apple has some ground to make up.

The first slate of Apple TV shows were teased at Apple’s “show time” event last month. The company only showed a small amount of footage of its TV shows, but it had the actors involved with the projects hype them up to the audience.

Along with original TV shows, Apple also plans to make documentaries and movies. The company recently hired a Hollywood vet to oversee its documentaries project. It has also has a few movie projects in the works with more to come.

Details on Apple TV+ are still pretty scarce. We don’t even know which TV shows will be available at launch or how much it will cost. More info will be made available this fall when it gets closer to launch. That’s also the time when Disney+ will launch too.