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Washington Nationals fans can use Apple Pay to purchase snacks


They can also order more substantial food from their seats.
Photo: Andrei Niemimäki/Flickr CC

For whatever reason, the worlds of pro baseball and Apple Pay seem to go hand in hand. First it was just using the iPhone’s NFC scanning tech for ticketing.

Now, fans attending Washington Nationals baseball games in the 2019 season can enjoy another perk. By using Apple Pay contactless payments, they can pay for food using a roving payments terminal operated by concessions hawkers. Along with paying for snacks, they can also use an app to place orders for more substantial hot food from their seats.

The deal between Square Partners and Washington Nationals enables customers to use the Caviar Pickup app to order food. Stands at the games will reportedly include food from various Caviar restaurant partners. These will rotate through the season.

On today’s Opening Day, this will include Hong Kong-style Chinese food, although other options will available at future games. Customers can use the app to place their order, which will then alert them when the food is ready to pick up. The option is available starting March 28, when the Nationals play the New York Mets.

Mobile food payments

This isn’t the first innovative food-related service we’ve written about for Apple fans. Last year, popular online food delivery company Deliveroo offered food deliveries directly to customers as they lined up to buy the latest iPhone.

Convenience has never been so delicious!

Source: BusinessWire