Armor your iPhone with an edge-to-edge, tempered-glass screen protector


Xkin's glossy, black border that mimics and blends right into the iPhone X bezels.
Edge-to-edge protection for your iPhone's screen.
Photo: Just Mobile

A few weeks ago, I dropped my iPhone down a flight of stairs. What else is new? It’s a ridiculous story that no one wants to hear, and yet all of you have probably experienced something similar. However, as I rushed down those precarious steps to retrieve my undoubtedly shattered iPhone, I was completely surprised.

Not because I didn’t think my Xkin screen protector would hold up against the 10-foot drop but because I had completely forgotten it was even on my screen in the first place! Not until I saw zero damage did I remember I installed the Xkin 3D Tempered Glass onto my iPhone months ago.

I completely forgot it was even there. How? Just Mobile’s rounded, full-coverage design runs edge to edge, including the iPhone’s curved screen. Xkin might as well be invisible.

Super-hard, ultra-glossy tempered glass with invisible layers of protection

Just Mobile's multilayered Xkin screen protector boasts a 9H hardness rating and goes for just $29.95.
Just Mobile’s multilayered Xkin screen protector boasts a 9H hardness rating and goes for just $29.95.
Photo: Just Mobile

Just Mobile’s exceptional quality and minimalist design speak for themselves. Our past reviews noted just how impressive the company’s products and tech specs are, so let’s keep this simple.

Even though it offers so many layers of protection, Xkin is truly an invisible suit of armor for your fragile iPhone screen. Among tons of impressive features, the best advantage is its ability to go completely undetected while maintaining bulletproof hardness and crystal-clear clarity.

Xkin is virtually naked to the eye.
Oil-, water- and fingerprint-resistant, Xkin is virtually invisible to the naked eye.
Photo: Just Mobile

Here’s why I’m not switching my Xkin anytime soon:

  1. It offers rounded edge-to-edge glass coverage with a glossy, black border that blends seamlessly into the iPhone X bezels.
  2. No cut-outs, no nonsense. I’m completely unaware that it’s sitting right on top of the screen.
  3. It completely erases pre-existing scratches on my iPhone screen.

As soon as I smoothed Xkin onto the surface of my iPhone, all its blemishes disappeared. The effect is similar to the TENC Air case’s self-healing properties — and it’s probably one of Xkin’s most impressive features.

It maintains silky-smooth, sensitive response to Touch ID on older iPhones. And it does not delay Face ID recognition, either. It’s oil-, water- and fingerprint-resistant, maintaining the integrity of your precious iPhone.


It’s very important to first use the wet towel and microfiber cloth (included in your purchase) to clean the iPhone screen well before laying down the Xkin glass. It’s also very important to keep the adhesive side of the Xkin glass facing down before bonding with the iPhone screen.

Grab your Xkin 3D from our Watch Store today! My own iPhone sports both Just Mobile’s TENC Air case and the Xkin 3D screen protector. In my experience, Xkin works best with TENC’s full coverage.

Price: $29.95

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store


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