Fortnite is getting bottle rockets and a big earthquake event

Fortnite is getting bottle rockets and a big earthquake event


Fortnite battle rockets
Are you ready for the rumble?
Photo: Epic Games

This week’s Fortnite update will bring brand new bottle rockets to Battle Royale.

Epic Games has started teasing the item in-game ahead of its arrival. Meanwhile, new files discovered in Fortnite’s latest update suggest an earthquake will be the next big event ahead of season eight.

No developer does in-game events like Epic. Its rocket launches, snowstorms, and more recently an incredible Marshmello concert saw millions of players flocking to Fortnite just to take part in something spectacular. And there’s more to come.

It seems an earthquake will be the next to quite literally shake up Battle Royale — but not before we get bottle rockets.

Bottle rockets blast off this week

The brand new item promises to be “loud, bright, and dangerous.” Bottle rockets, which looks like a bunch of fireworks, appears to be a structural item like the mounted turret added earlier in season seven — but it’s not year clear what it does.

Based on the in-game description, which warns players “do not light indoors,” it seems bottle rockets will be another anti-building device. You will likely be able to place it, aim it, and fire a series of rockets toward opponents, their structures, and vehicles.

This is all speculation for now, however. Until the bottle rockets item is added to the game — which should happen with tomorrow’s content update — we can’t be sure what it will be used for.

Whatever the case may be, bottle rockets surely won’t have quite as much impact as the incoming earthquake.

Battle Royale braced for an earthquake

New files discovered in Fortnite’s most recent 7.20 release suggest Epic is preparing an earthquake for the next big event. It will likely come just before season eight, bringing more big changes to the Battle Royale map.

The files suggest there will be a total of 50 tremors, which will gradually increase in magnitude over time. Audio files that will accompany the event can be heard in the clip below.

It’s not clear when the earthquake will hit, but with season eight just two weeks away, we expect it to happen soon.