Apple met with AR startups at CES 2019


Apple is rumored to be developing AR glasses.
Photo: Dent Reality

Apple may not have had an official presence at CES 2019, but a new report claims that key personnel were present at the event to meet with leading AR companies.

More than half a dozen company representatives supposedly met with AR waveguide suppliers, including DigiLens, Lumus, Vuzix and WaveOptics. Waveguide is one of the most widely used structures in see-through AR displays, seen in products such as the Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap One.

Apple participated in similar meetings at last year’s CES 2018. It’s not known what was discussed in its meetings this year. However, augmented reality is an area Apple CEO Tim Cook has been an outspoken proponent of. Rumors have previously pointed to Apple creating it’s own AR headset, although Cook has said that the technology to do this doesn’t yet “exist to do that in a quality way.”

Apple’s ARKit is one of the biggest AR platforms in the world. Having introduced the first version of ARKit in 2017, Apple debuted the second version at WWDC last year. With a third version presumably being shown off at the 2019 WWDC (at least, if Apple follows last year’s pattern), perhaps the meetings were about some of its augmented reality plans for 2019.

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Source: Apple Insider