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How to switch on Mojave’s Dynamic Desktop


Dynamic desktop
Imagine this, only more dynamic.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The Dynamic Desktop is a great macOS Mojave feature. It changes the desktop image throughout the day, so your wallpaper always matches the time of day — nighttime images at night, shadowless glare at noon, and so on. Today we’ll see how to switch it on, and where to find new Dynamic Desktop images to add to the defaults.

Dynamic Desktops on Mojave

First off, Dynamic Desktops require macOS Mojave. It’s possible to approximate the effect on any Mac by dragging a folder of images to the screensaver preference pane, and setting it to run a slow slideshow at one image per hour. But if you want the full experience, which uses your location to calculate the progress of night and day where you are, then you need Dynamic Desktops.

How to enable Dynamic Desktops on your Mac

Those desktops. They’re so <em srcset=
dynamic.” width=”1560″ height=”1348″> Those desktops. They’re so dynamic.

This part is easy. Head to System Preferences (the settings app for the Mac), and click on Desktop & Screen Saver. Then click Desktop and, from the drop-down menu, pick Dynamic. You will see two to choose from — a big pile of sand and the sky. And that’s it.

Where to find more Dynamic Desktops for your Mac

Guess where you can find more Dynamic Desktops for your Mac? On the internet, that’s where. Just like regular wallpapers, you can download them from all over. A good place to begin is this Reddit thread, dedicated to Dynamic Desktops for Mojave. After that, just search. You’ll find quite a lot.

And if you want to make your own? AppleInsider’guide to making Dynamic Desktops is pretty involved.