2019 iPhone render puts new spin on triple lens camera


A major topic of debate about the iPhone XI is camera lens placement.
A major topic of debate about the iPhone XI is camera lens placement. This is the latest possibility.
Photo: OnLeaks/CompareRaja

Several rumors about the next iPhone point to it having three camera lenses but don’t agree on how they’ll be arranged. The latest leaked render shows it with the lenses neatly lined up in a row.

This unconfirmed image also shows a smaller notch.

The source for this render is Steve Hemmerstoffer AKA OnLeaks. Which is curious because he’s also the source of the previous render that shows the lenses in a triangular formation.

He shared the latest images with CompareRaja and told them that the competing renders could be of different iPhone models coming out this year. Or both designs were considered before one was dropped.

A unique feature of this design is the flash: it’s in a circle around the middle camera lens. There’s a microphone just below, though it doesn’t show up well in the leaked images.

The 2019 iPhone will look much like its predecessor but with some important additions.
The 2019 iPhone will look overall much like its predecessor but there will be some important additions.
Photo: OnLeaks/CompareRaja

Other changes in the iPhone XI

On its front, the device shown in the new render has a slightly smaller screen cutout than in Apple’s current iOS handsets. That’s in line with previous unconfirmed reports that Apple is seeking to reduce the size of the iPhone notch.

In addition, this model — supposedly called the iPhone XI — will allegedly have marginally slimmer screen bezels than its predecessors.

The next-gen iPhone isn’t expected to launch until this fall. More leaked renders to further muddy the issue are likely in the intervening months.  The design is reportedly still in the Engineering Validation Test phase so it hasn’t been completely set yet.