Apple accused of misleading iPhone users over screen size


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Apple is accused of hiding valuable pixels under its notch.
Photo: Apple

The “notch” on Apple’s iPhone X, XS and XS Max devices is causing more problems — and this time could even land Apple in court.

A new lawsuit filed against Apple late last week alleges that Apple has lied about the display specifications in its newer iPhones. How? By including pixels and screen dimensions hidden beneath the notch and corners. As a result, Apple’s new iPhones don’t boast quite as much screen as they’re advertised as having.

If you’re wondering about what this means in practical terms, it’s spelled out in a 55-page complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California.

While Apple claims that the iPhone X boasts a luxurious 5.8 inches of screen size, in fact it’s offering a considerably less roomy 5.6875 inches. Similar discrepancies can be found on its newer iPhones.

The lawsuit isn’t just concerned with the notch, however. It also accused Apple of misleading people with the resolution of its newest iPhones. The iPhone X allegedly includes just two subpixels per pixel: resulting in a display that’s not quite as high end as the one Apple boasts. (It’s not entirely clear that this is accurate, however, based on optical microscope images of the display.)

You can read the entirety of the class action complaint here.

Source: CNET