Apple Music subscribers get holiday discount on HomePod


I sent the HomePod back, so I will keep using the single photo I took until somebody stops me.
The HomePod could be yours for a bit less this festive season.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple is offering promo codes to Apple Music customers, giving them money off the HomePod smart speaker in time for the holidays.

So far, users in the U.K. have reported receiving the offer for 50 British pounds ($63) off the full price of a HomePod. The offer runs through December 16, giving would-be purchasers until the end of the week to take advantage. It’s not clear how many markets Apple will offer the discount in.

The promo code comes in the form of an email, which redirects customers to the Apple Online Store. The process should be straightforward, since it should automatically apply your discount.

HomePod offer
The HomePod offers appearing in people’s emails.
Photo: Apple

Selling HomePod for the holidays

The special offer on the HomePod comes around one month after the device was first added to Apple’s refurbished store. This is the first time models refurbished by Apple have been available for sale since the HomePod launched back in February. Refurbished models are $50 cheaper than the full $349 sale price.

Interestingly, today’s offer comes at a time when Apple is seemingly embracing discounts to an extent it has not in the past. While Apple’s prices have continually crept up, the company seems to be highlighting savings for users in a way it hasn’t before. This trend was recently highlighted with regard to the new iPhone XR.

The HomePod has continually been dogged by rumors of low sales, although Apple is probably making considerably more profit per unit than rival smart speakers from Amazon and Google. At the same time, this latest gambit could be as much about boosting Apple Music subscriptions (through added special offers to entice customers) as it is about selling the HomePod. (Apple Music currently has around 56 million subscribers worldwide.)

Even better HomePod sales

While Apple’s move to make the HomePod more affordable is welcome, it’s not the best deal around. Target currently offers HomePod on sale for just $249.99. And so does B&H Photo Video, which might even be cheaper, depending on the tax situation where you live.